Hot Appitizers
 Gyoza(6 pcs/order)                                                          $5.99
 (your choice of vegetable/chicken/pork/beef/shrimp)
 Shumai(6 pcs/order)                                                        $5.99
  (your choice of crab/shrimp)
 Haru Maki(4 pcs/order)                                                   $5.99 
 (Japanese deep fried Spring Roll with vegetable)
 Coconut Shrimp served with Honey Mustard Sauce $5.99
Squid Rings served with Soy Ponzu Sauce                  $5.99   
Fried Scallop with dipping Sauce                                  $7.99
 Fried Oysters with Soy Ponzu Sauce                            $6.99
 Tempura Shrimp                                                               $7.49

Cold Appetizers
Seaweed Salad                                                            $4.99 
Calamari Salad                                                            $5.99 
Edamame                                                                      $3.99
Honey Roasted Edamame                                          $5.99
Spring Roll(2 pcs/order)                                              $4.99
Inari                                                                                $3.99 
House Garden Salad                                                    $4.99 
Japanese Rice Bowl
Every bowl is served with steamed rice, stir fried vegetable(except Kid's Meal)
Choose a side:Miso Soup or Cassava Cake
Chicken Bowl  $7.49      Salmon Bowl            $9.99                         

Shrimp Bowl    $9.99      Vegetable Bowl        $7.29

Beef bowl        $9.99      Veggie Tofu Bowl     $7.79

Pork bowl        $7.99      Chicken & Beef Combo    $11.99

Scallop bowl  $11.99     Kids Meal                   $6.29                                                                                                          

Bowl of Rice    $3.00      Deluxe Combo Chicken and Shrimp $13.99 


Miso Soup Soybean Soup with tofu, Seaweed, Scallions $2.50                         

Kakitama juru Japanese Clear Soup with egg & parsley$3.00


               Japanese ice cream                $3.50
     (Your choice of Green Tea/Red Bean/Vanilla)
                Cassava Cake                              $3.00
                         Japanese Fried Rice
                         Served with Miso Soup
  Chicken Fried Rice                                   $8.99
  Beef or Pork Fried Rice                           $8.99
  Shrimp Fried Rice                                     $9.99
  Vegetable Fried Rice                               $7.99


        Served with Miso Soup and Steamed Rice 

Chicken Teriyaki                                        $12.99

Shrimp Teriyaki                                           $14.99

Salmon Teriyaki                                          $14.99

Scallop Teriyaki                                          $15.99


            Stir-Fried Yaki Soba or Yaki Udon

Vegetable Yaki Soba                                  $8.99

Chicken Yaki Soba                                      $10.99

Beef Yaki Soba                                             $11.99

Shrimp Yaki Soba                                         $11.99

                           Udon Noodle Soup  

Vegetable Udon                                            $8.99

Chicken Udon                                                $10.99

Beef Udon                                                       $11.99

Shrimp Tempura Udon                                  $11.99

Seafood Udon                                                 $15.99

Nabeyaki Udon                                               $15.99

             Japanese Style Ramen Noodle Soup

Syhou Ramen     Japanese Style Premium Noodle with Oriental flavor soup base, Fish Cake, Chashu, Egg, Wakame, Corn,            Pickled Bamboo Shoots and Green Onion                   $11.99                        
Miso Ramen       Japanese Style Premium Noodle with Miso    flavor soup base, Fish Cake, Chashu, Egg, Wakame, Corn, Pickled Bamboo Shoots and Green Onion                   $11.99                                              

Tonkatsu Ramen    Japanese Style Premium Noodle with Tonkatsu flavor soup base, Fish Cake, Chashu, Egg, Wakame, Pickled Bamboo Shoots and Green Onion                    $11.99                                         


                     Sushi Bar Menu
Tekka Don Tuna Sashimi on a bed of Sushi Rice                  $14.99
Sake Don  Salmon Sashimi on a bed of Sushi Rice               $14.99
Donburi Bowl Tuna, Salmon, Tilapia, Salad Shrimp, Tamago( Egg  
                      cake), Vegetables and Sushi Rice               $15.99         Unagi Don #1 Thick Freshwater Eel fillet broiled with sake and    
                served over Steamed Rice                                  $16.99
Unagi Don #2  BBQFreshwater Eel with Kabayaki sauce and 
                 roasted sesame seeds on a bed of Sushi Rice   $15.99     Gold Don  Pieces of Tuna, Salmon, Tilapia with Lettuce, Spring     mix, mango, spicy sauce on a bed of Sushi Rice               $15.99     Katsudon Deep-fried Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl with Onion, Egg and 
                Green Onion. Served with Miso Soup                          $14.99


Small roll (seaweed outside) served with 12 pieces

Hosomaki(veggie) - Cucumber/Carrot/Avocado            $5.79            Traditional Hosomaki - Tuna/Salmon/Shrimp/Eel          $7.49

Mix Hosomaki - Tuna/Salmon/Shrimp/Eel and                  $7.29



Medium roll (Rice Outside) served with  10 pcs

California Maki                                                                    $5.99
Crabmeat, Avocado and Cucumber

Vegetable Maki                                                                   $5.79
Carrot, Cucumber and Avocado

Crabmeat Salad Maki                                                          $6.49
Crab meat salad, Cucumber, Avocado

Chumaki & Inari                                                                  $6.99        California maki/Vegetable maki(5 pcs)  + Inari (3pcs)                     

Spicy California Maki                                                         $6.99
Spicy Crabmeat, Cucumber, Avocado

3 Mix California Maki                                                         $7.29
Crab Stick, Crabmeat Salad, Spicy Shrimp, Avocado, Cucumber

Real Crab Maki                                                                   $8.99
Snow Crab, Masago, Cucumber, Avocado

Crispy Shrimp Maki                                                             $6.99
Shrimp Salad, Masago, Tempura Crispy, Cucumber, Avocado

Orange Color Maki                                                              $7.29
Crabmeat, Cucumber, Avocado, wrapped with Masago 

Eel(Unagi) Maki                                                                  $7.99
BBQ Fresh Water Eel, Cucumber or Avocado

Spicy Maki                                                                          $6.99
Tuna/Salmon/Shrimp, Cucumber, Spicy Sauce

Spicy Plus Maki                                                                  $7.49
Tuna/Salmon/Shrimp, Crab Stick, Cucumber or Avocado, Spicy Sauce

Cream Cheese Maki                                                           $6.49
Crabmeat, Cream Cheese with cucumber or avocado

Cream Cheese Lover Maki                                                 $6.99
Smoked Salmon/Tuna/Shrimp/Salmon with Cream Cheese, Avocado or Cucumber

Alaska Maki                                                                       $6.99
Tuna/Salmon/Shrimp with avocado

Soy Maki                                                                            $7.29

Soy paper roll with crabmeat salad, avocado, masago(Capelin Roe)

Variety Deluxe (23 pcs)                                                     $14.99
California maki(5pcs), Spicy Shrimp(5 pcs), Crabmeat salad, Tuna, Avocado, Cucumber(5 pcs), Tuna maki(4 pcs),Avocado maki (4pcs)

Chumaki Special                                                               $11.99
Spicy Tuna, Cucumber inside,wrapped with Masago

Dragon Maki with Crab                                                      $7.99
Crab stick, Avocado, Cucumber,wrapped with Avocado Slices

Dragon Maki with Eel                                                        $9.99
Fresh Water Eel, Avocado, Cucumber,wrapped with Avocado Slices

Shrimp Tempura maki                                                      $9.99
Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Spicy Sauce, Sushi Sauce

Spider Maki                                                                     $12.99
Fried Soft Shell crab, Cucumber, Masago, Spicy Sauce, Sushi Sauce

Bento Box #1                                                                    $11.99
California maki(10 pcs), Hoso Tuna Maki(8 pcs), Seabreeze salad, Cut fruits

Bento Box #2                                                                    $12.99
Shrimp Tempura(2 pcs), Spicy Tuna Maki(10 pcs), Seabreeze Salad, Cut Fruits

Chumaki and Hosomaki Combo(26 pcs)                          $14.99

California Maki, Hoso Tuna Maki and Hoso Avocado Maki

Maki Delux Combo(30 pcs)                                               $17.99

Spicy Tuna Maki, Alaska Salmon Maki and California Maki    

Veggie Combo(18 pcs)                                                     $11.99

Vegetable Maki with Carrot, Avocado, Cucumber and Hoso Veggie Maki with Carrot, Cucumber

Special Deluxe Combo(15 pcs)                                       $12.99

California Maki, Spicy Tuna Maki, Shrimp Tempura Maki

Rainbow Color Maki                                                         $11.99

Crabmeat, Avocado, Cucumber inside, wrapped with Tuna, Salmon, Tilapia, Shrimp             

                                HAND ROLLS 

                          served with  1 piece

Tuna/Salmon/Shrimp Hand Roll                                        $3.99 

Tuna/Salmon/Shrimp, Cucumber, Avocado, Spicy Sauce

Eel Hand Roll                                                                    $4.59

BBQ Fresh Water Eel, Cucumber, Sesame seeds, Eel Sauce

Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll                                               $4.99 

Shrimp Tempura, Masago, Cucumber, Spicy Sauce, Sushi Sauce


                       Speciality Maki

 Golden Dynamite                                                                     $14.99   

          Fried Tempura Crispy roll with Tuna, Crabmeat Salad and Avocado inside topped with baked Scallop, Crabmeat, Tobbiko, Scallions and Spicy Sauce    

Fuji Maguro                                                                              $13.99

          Tempura Shrimp, Masago and Cucumber inside wrapped with Tuna, White Tuna, drizzled with Wasabi Sauce , Tobbiko and Scallions.                                                                                                        

Double Maguro                                                                         $12.99

          Spicy Tuna, avocado inside, topped with Chopped Tuna, sliced Almond, Scallions, Tobbiko and  Wasabi Sauce

Panko Shrimp Tempura                                                            $12.99

            Deep Fried Roll of Tempura Shrimp, Sesame seeds, Cucumber inside, topped with Sushi Sauce, Spicy Sauce, Wasabi Sauce and Crunchy Cheese.

Shrimp Tempura Special                                                         $12.99

          Tempura Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Avocado inside, Topped with Special Sauce, Sushi Sauce, Green Onion

Shrimp Tempura Delight                                                         $13.99

          Tempura Shrimp, Crabmeat Salad, Cucumber, Cream Cheese inside, Topped with Diced Avocado, Masago, Spicy Sauce, Peanut Sauce

Electric Eel                                                                                                         $13.99

           Fried Crabstick, Cream Cheese, Avocado and Cucumber inside, wrapped with B.B.Q Eel and Shrimp, drizzled with Tobbiko, Scallions, Spicy Sauce and Sushi Sauce.

Pineapple Princess                                                                                          $12.99

           Futomaki(giant) Roll with Shrimp Salad, Crabmeat Salad, Pineapple, Avocado and Tempura Crispy inside, Topped with Diced Pineapple, Tobbiko, Sushi Sauce and Spicy Sauce. 

Rainbow Dragon                                                                       $15.99

          Rainbow Color Maki(5 pcs), Dragon Maki with crab(5 pcs) and 3 pieces of Nigiri sushi Tuna, Salmon and Shrimp.

Mega Rainbow                                                                         $16.99

         Crabmeat, Avocado, Cucumber inside, wrapped with Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp and Tilapia, 3 pieces of Chef's choice Nigiri sushi.

Spicy Dragon                                                                            $11.99

         Tuna, Cucumber, Spicy Sauce inside, wrapped with Avocado Slices

Orange Dragon                                                                        $11.99

         Shrimp Salad, Cucumber, Spicy Sauce inside, wrapped with Masago and Avocado Slices

Red Dragon Maki                                                                    $12.99
         Tuna, Green onion, Avocado inside, wrapped with Tuna slices

Veggie River                  $11.99

         Tofu, Asparagus, Avocado, Carrot inside, wrapped with Avocado Slices and Soybean Curd

Green River Roll   $11.99

         Crabmeat, Avocado and Sesame Seeds inside, Topped with Avocado and Crabmeat Salad, Crunchy cheese and Seaweed flakes

Mango Twister                                                                          $12.99

          Crabmeat, Mango, Avocado inside, wrapped with Crabmeat, Avocado, Mango, drizzled with Wasabi Sauce

Spicy Crunchy Maki   $12.99

          Fried Crispy roll with spicy Tuna and Salmon, topped with Wasabi Peas, Crunchy Cheese, drizzled with Spicy Sauce and Tobbiko

Spicy Tuna Crispy Roll                                                             $12.99

         Fried crispy roll with Tuna, Cucumber, Sesame Seeds, topped with Tempura Crispy, Scallions, drizzled with Spicy Sauce

Osaka Delight $12.99

         Deep fried roll with Crabmeat, Avocado and Cucumber, topped with Spicy Tuna(or) Salmon, Tobbiko and Lemon Zest

Gold Taste Soy Special

         Spicy Shrimp, Cucumber inside, wrapped with Tuna and Salmon, Choice of Soy Paper or Seaweed.

Maguro Ninja          $13.99

         Black pepper Tuna, Avocado, Asparagus inside, wrapped with Tuna Slices, drizzled with Red Chili Sauce and Cilantro

Fantastic Ebi          $13.99

         Salad Shrimp and Avocado inside, wrapped with Shrimp, drizzled with Peanut Sauce.

Lobster Sumo $19.99

         Fried Lobster, Apple, Avocado inside, topped with Masago, Spicy Sauce and Sushi Sauce

Scallop Galaxy         $17.99

         Steamed Scallop, Masago, Asparagus and Ginger Sauce inside, topped with Scallop, Almond, drizzled with Peanut Sauce and Scallions

Orange Crystal $12.99 

         Fried Tempura Crispy Roll with Salmon, Green Onion, Sesame Seeds, Masago, topped with Spicy Sauce, Sushi Sauce, Scallion and Orange Tobiko

Amazing Salmon(Cooked) $13.99

          Steamed Salmon, Apple, Avocado inside topped with Bonito, Green Onion, drizzled with Wasabi Sauce and Ginger Sauce

Salmon Deluxe Roll                                                                 $14.99
          Salmon, Crabmeat, Avocado, Spicy Sauce inside, Wrapped with Salmon, Topped with Scallions, Ginger Sauce and Wasabi Sauce

Unagi Royal $14.99

          Fresh Water Eel, Cucumber inside, wrapped with Avocado Slices and Eel, Topped with Sushi Sauce and Tobiko

Unagi Special $14.99

          Roll with Fresh Water Eel, Cream Cheese, Avocado(5 pcs), Eel Hosomaki(8 pcs) and Nigiri Eel(2 pcs)

Unagi Deluxe $15.99

          Roll with Fresh Water Eel, Cream Cheese, Avocado(10 pcs) and Nigiri Eel(4 pcs)

New York Scallop Roll $14.99

        Asparagus, Steamed Scallop, Avocado inside, Topped with Crabmeat and garnished with Scallions

Nagoya Orchid $13.99

         Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Cream Cheese inside, wrapped with Tilapia, topped with Peanut Sauce, Diced Avocado, Lemon Peel

Panko Maguro $13.99

         Crispy Roll with Tempura Shrimp, Spicy Tuna, Cucumber inside, Topped with Tobiko, Spicy Sauce, Wasabi Sauce and Tempura Crispy

Oyster Hokkigai $14.99

         Fried Oyster, Asparagus, Avocado and Honey Mustard Sauce inside, wrapped with Avocado and Surf Clam, drizzled with Peanut Sauce

Scallop Ocean $15.99                                 

    Fried Scallop, Avocado, Cucumber inside, wrapped with Scallop, Tuna, Salmon and topped with Peanut sauce and Wasabi sauce

Four Color Roll                                                                        $13.99

        Spicy Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Apple, Avocado inside, wrapped with Avocado Slices, tricolor of Tobiko

Maguro Salad Roll                                                                $12.99

       Cooked Tuna, Onion, Celery, Mayo inside, Topped with Wasabi Sauce, Scallions and tobiko

Golden Scallop                                                                     $14.99

        Baked Scallop, Crabmeat, Avocado inside, topped with Crab, garnished with Scallions

Flounder Bay                                                                        $13.99

         Fried Crispy Flounder, Masago, Asparagus, Avocado, Sesame seeds inside, topped with Peanut Sauce, Fried Garlic, Bonito

Grouper Bay                                                                         $15.99

        Panko Fried Grouper with Asparagus, Avocado, Sesame Seeds inside, Topped with Ginger Sauce, Bonito and Crushed Peanut

Ebi Shocker                                                                          $15.99

        Coconut Shrimp, Apple, Avocado, Shrimp inside, wrapped with Shrimp, drizzled with Peanut Sauce

Triple Bullets                                                                        $13.99

        Shrimp Salad, Crabmeat Salad, Mango, Avocado inside, topped with chopped Tuna, drizzled with Wasabi Sauce, Red Chili Sauce, Scallions and Crunchy Cheese

Special Diet Roll                                                                   $13.99

        Futomaki(Giant Roll) with Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp salad, Tilapia, Asparagus, Avocado, Seaweed, Cilantro and Red Chili Sauce

Ikasansai Gallery                                                                  $10.99

        Seasoned Calamari Salad, Avocado inside, Topped with Peanut Sauce and diced Avocado

Crazy Roll                                                                              $13.99

        Futomaki(Giant Roll) with Shrimp Tempura, Cream Cheese, Crabmeat, Avocado, Asparagus, Spicy Sauce, Sushi Sauce inside, topped with Ginger Sauce and Tempura Crispy

Hawaii Tuna Poke
(Salad)                                                    $12.99
        Tuna, Poke Sauce, Sesame Oil, Green Onion, Onion, Peanut, Fried Garlic

Gold Taste Tuna Poke(Salad)                                              $13.99
        Tuna, Mango, Masago, Avocado, Onion, Green Onion, Fried Garlic, Sesame Seeds, Poke Sauce, Siracha

Tuna Tataki                                                                         $12.99
        Seared tuna, Ponzu Sauce and Spring Mix

Four Tower maki                                                                 $14.99
        Deep Fried Futomaki(Giant Roll) with Tempura Shrimp, Tuna, Crab, Avocado, Cucumber and Spicy Sauce

Combo for Tuna Lover(22 pcs)                                             $20.99

        Hoso Tuna Maki, Chumaki with Tuna, Crabstick, Avocado, Spicy Sauce and 4 pcs of Tuna Nigiri

Combo for Salmon Lover(22 pcs)                                          $20.99

        Hoso Salmon Maki, Chumaki with Salmon, Crabstick, Avocado, Spicy Sauce and 4 pcs of Salmon Nigiri

Mount Fuji Roll                                                                    $14.99

        Deep Fried Futomaki(Giant Roll) with your choice of Tuna or Salmon, masago, Tempura Crispy, Scallion, Avocado inside, topped with Tempura Crispy, Tobbiko, drizzled with Spicy Sauce and Eel Sauce


 Specials - Variety of Chilled or Warm Sake, Fine Wines and Selection of Japanese or Domestic Beers are available 

         Nigiri or Sashimi A La Carte
               Minimum 2 pieces per order
Tuna                            5.00         Shrimp                        4.25
White Tuna                 5.00         Sweet Shrimp            5.00
Super White Tuna      5.99         Scallop                       5.00
Fatty Tuna                  M.P          Masago                       4.00
Salmon                        4.25         Tobiko                        4.50
Smoked Salmon        4.50          Tobiko w/Quail egg  6.00
Tilapia                         4.00          Ikura                          5.00
Yellowtail                   5.50          Sea Urchin                M.P
Surf Clam                   4.50          Crab                            4.00
Octopus                     4.95          Egg Cake                   4.00
Fresh Water Eel        5.50          Quail Egg                   0.95each

Nigiri & Maki Special(15 pcs)                                              $12.99

Tuna/Salmon/Shrimp, Cucumber, Avocado, Spicy Sauce(5 pcs), Tuna roll(8 pcs),  Chef's choice Nigiri(2 pcs)

Nigiri & Maki Supreme                                                          $13.99

Tuna/Salmon/Shrimp,avocado (10 pcs), Chef's choice Nigiri (4 pcs)

Chumaki & Nigiri 

Roll with Crabmeat, Cucumber, Avocado (10 pcs) and 

                 4pcs of Chef's choice Nigiri                               $12.99   

            or   3pcs of Chef''s Choice Nigiri                            $11.49

Hosomaki & Nigiri(14 pcs or 19 pcs)                                $15.49 

 6 pcs of Chef's choice Nigiri and 1 Tuna roll (8pcs) or 

 3 pcs of Chef's choice Nigiri and 1 Tuna and 1 Salmon roll (16 pcs)

Hosomaki & Nigiri Deluxe                                                   $18.99

 8 pcs of Chef's choice Nigiri and 1 Tuna Roll

Sashimi Regular                                                                    $18.99

10 pcs of Chef's choice of fish artistically arranged

Sashimi Deluxe                                                                      $26.99

16 pcs of Chef's choice of fish artistically arranged

Hosomaki Sashimi                                                                $22.49

 10 pcs of Chef's choice Sashimi and 1 Tuna roll  

Nigiri & Sashimi Combo                                                       $20.99

 6 pcs of Chef's choice Nigiri and 6 pcs of Chef's choice Sashimi

Nigiri & Sashimi Deluxe Combo                                          $24.99

 6 pcs of Chef's choice Nigiri, 6 pcs of Chef's choice Sashimi and 1 Tuna or Salmon Roll

Nigiri Maki Combo for 2                                                       $32.99

 16 pcs of Chef's Choice Nigiri and 1 Tuna Roll

Super Deluxe Nigiri, Sashimi and Gunkan Combo          $34.99

7 pcs of Chef's choice Nigiri, 7 pcs of Chef's choice Sashimi, 4 pcs of Chef's choice Gunkan, 1 Tuna or Salmon Roll


GOLD PARTY (A)(40 Pieces)                                                $31.99      (Cooked Maki and Cooked Nigiri)     

10 pcs California Maki, 10 pcs Vegetable Maki, 10 pcs Spicy Shrimp Maki, 6 pcs Nigiri Sushi with Shrimp, Crab, Tamago and 4 pcs of Vegetable Gyoza

GOLD PARTY (B)(55 Pieces)
                                               $41.99      (Cooked, Vegetable and Raw Maki)

5 pcs Dragon Maki(Crab), 5 pcs Orange Color Maki, 5 pcs Rainbow Color Maki, 8 pcs Hoso Maki with Cucumber & Avocado, 5 pcs Spicy Plus Shrimp, 5 pcs Alaska Salmon, 5 pcs Cream Cheese Lover with Smoked Salmon, 5 pcs Spicy Tuna, 8 pcs of Hoso Maki with Tuna & Salmon and 4 pcs Chicken Gyoza.

GOLD PARTY (C)(74 pieces)                                                $59.99
(Cooked and Vegetable Maki and Cooked Nigiri)

5 pcs California Maki, 5 pcs Crabmeat Salad Maki, 5 pcs Spicy Plus Shrimp, 5 pcs Cream Cheese Maki,  pcs Cream Cheese Lover Maki, 5 pcs Unagi Maki, 5 pcs Vegetable Maki, 4 pcs Hoso Maki with Shrimp, 12 pcs Hoso Maki with Vegetable, 10 pcs Dragon Maki with Crab, 4 pcs Veggi Gyoza, 3 pcs Inari, 2 pcs Nigiri Shrimp, 2 pcs Tamago Nigiri, 2 pcs Nigiri Crab.

GOLD PARTY (D) (84 pieces)                                               $67.99 
(Vegetable, Cooked and Raw Maki)

8 pcs Hoso Tuna, 8 pcs Hoso Salmon, 8 pcs Hoso Avogado, 10 pcs Shrimp Tempura Maki, 10 pcs Spicy Tuna, 10 pcs Spicy Plus Shrimp, 10 pcs Alaska Salmon, 5 pcs Dragon Maki with Crzb, 5 pcs Gold Taste Soy Special, 5 pcs Rainbow Color Maki and 5 pcs Beef Gyoza.

GOLD PARTY (E) (58 pieces)                                               $71.99
(Cooked, raw Maki and Nigiri)

 10 pcs of California Maki, 10 pcs Spicy Tuna Maki, 8 pcs Hoso maki with Tuna & Salmon, 30 pcs of Assorted Chef's Choice Nigiri 

GOLD PARTY (F)  (50 Pieces)                                              $84.99

(Sashimi and Nigiri Special Platter)
30 pcs Assorted Chef's Choice Nigiri and 20 pcs of Chef's Choice Sashimi

Note: Please give 24 hours advance notice to make our Beautiful and delicious  Special Party Platters.

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